Selasa, 13 Desember 2011

’’ There is no way to get experience except throught experince’’

Why we must write and publish research papers.  Many answers to answer that question. First,  write is ideally.To share researc finding and discoveries with the hope of improving heal throme. Secondly, practically to get funding, promoted, keep your job and more adventages are famous man. 
’’Scientists are rated by what they finish, not by what they they attempt’’ 
From papers, we getting a paper published. To published there some must we face. Competition for space in journals is intense. Cost of publication is high, $ 360 every page for APS. And Rejection rates  from AJP are 50%, JBC 65%, NEJM, Science and Nature are 90%.
There are major reason for rejection, first confirmatoty because paper is not novel. Poor experimental design, more spesefic usulally poor control and hypoteshesis not adequately tested. Inapproproate for journal and the last poor written because writing english  is not good. 
Many tips for dealing that problem, they are know the jounal, its editors and why you submited the paper there. Secondly, pay close attention to spelling, grammar and pinct-vation, the next make sure refence are comprehensive and accurate, and make refence are uptode. 
The forth, Avoid careless mistake and read and conform to ’’ Instructions for Autor’’.

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